Fast development of modern and high-quality sites at affordable prices with an individual approach to each client.

Site by installments

The service «site by installments», allows you to order the development of a site of any complexity on the most favorable terms for you.

All who have their own business know perfectly well how they started to build their business from scratch, what costs and labor it cost. Beginning companies want to enter the market as quickly as possible and show their face, but not everyone has such opportunities and means.

Our offer is valid for those who are experiencing financial difficulties in times of crisis. Creation of a site in installments will help to raise the company to a new level, to find new customers, to increase sales.

The cost of the service does not increase, as if the site you ordered and paid for the development of the site entirely, upon the completion of the entire work package. The cost of developing the site in installments is discussed individually with each client.

Also, the Master Site provides the following payment options for the development of the site:

1) Payment for the creation of the site 50/50. Implies the fastest launch of the site with further refinement on the combat project, taking into account the specified terms of development.

2) Step-by-step payment for the development of the site. On the fact of the executed works. You pay for a certain stage of work, which is negotiated with you. In this case, the development of the site is not tied to the deadlines. Such a site is developed on a test subdomain. The given variant of creation of a site is actual for the large web services, portals, Internet shops.

3) The site is in installments with the initial minimum payment. This option is valid only for the development of a business card site and small catalog-product sites. In this case, the maximum term of installments provides for a period of 1 year. The site is developed on your domain, the site is launched within a month. With you is the official contract, which indicates the monthly amount of payment for the creation of the site.

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