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Transferring the site to 1C-Bitrix

MasterSite carries out the transfer of sites to CMS 1C-Bitrix, eliminates the errors of the old site and conducts internal optimization of the site.

The necessity and sometimes the urgency of moving a site to a new CMS (engine), can arise at any time.

Why there is a need for transferring the site?

1) Virus attack of the site or its infection. Usually such problems have owners of sites developed on free CMS.

2) Website redesign. The previous web design of the site doesn’t suit its owner, bored, starts to annoy. In most cases, the design of the site becomes obsolete and users lose interest in this resource, as well as the desire to purchase goods on such sites.

3) Refinement of the new functionality on the site. Unfortunately, on many web-resources such function becomes inaccessible, the reason for this can be self-written, outdated CMS, impossibility and unwillingness of a programmer to understand another's program code.

4) Adding or changing information on the site independently is impossible. Many firms do so in order to make you depend on them.

6) SEO-problems. There are duplicates of already existing pages on the site.

7) The need for site security and many other reasons that leads to the transfer of the site to other CMS.

When transferring a site, many factors are taken into account: structure, functionality, design, layout, transfer of all posted materials on the site, preserving the URLs of pages and site positions in search engines, transferring old meta tags for each page, old site errors recovering, migration of counters and analytics systems etc.

That is why the cost of moving the site corresponds to the costs of the newly developed site, and sometimes it is also a more labor-intensive process.

We transfer sites to 1C- Bitrix, because this platform has great opportunities to optimize your business.

MasterSite is the official certified business partner of 1C- Bitrix. We have invaluable experience in working with the 1C-Bitrix platform, so carrying out the transfer of the site to this CMS you can be sure of using your site for a long time. Moving the site to the 1C-Bitrix platform, you can find a simple administrative control panel, elevate the site's position, and expand the functionality of your site at any time.

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