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Site support. Maintenance of the site

Why do you need website support?

You have a perfectly functioning website, but there is not enough time or there is no specialist (programmer) in your company to monitor it; perhaps you have a CMS-system for managing the content of the site, but you have not been taught how to use it; it will be difficult to understand without basic knowledge in html and css. That’s why there is a maintenance of the site service with a full package of services.

What benefits does the technical support of the site bring?

First of all, you take off all the routine work on supporting the site, you need to transfer the necessary information for posting on the site, you will always be informed about monitoring your site. Secondly, the support of the site and placement of information by a specialist will give a positive result in the promotion of the site, because correctly processed information will allow to index your site by search engines better, which affects the position of your site among competitors. And one more advantage for you is that the support of the site is more profitable, rather than keeping a staff member.

Site support may include the following services:

1) Creation of new pages and sections;

2) Creation of separate pages with unique design;

3) Updating of photo galleries, banners and images;

4) Placement of textual information (articles, news, files);

5) Placement of graphic information (banners and images);

6) Search for fresh articles, news;

7) Daily monitoring of site efficiency and productivity;

8) Protection from hacker attacks, viruses, spam;

9) Eliminating the vulnerabilities of the site;

10) Programming and fixing site errors;

11) Installation of additional modules on the site;

12) Regular backup of the site before making changes;

13) Troubleshooting (if occur);

14) Collection of website statistics;

15) Mailing;

16) Recommendations for the development and improvement of the site, etc.

We support sites for projects developed on 1C-Bitrix.

Types of site support:

1) Technical support of the site - works on programming, the implementation of operation of CMS 1C-Bitrix, hosting for 1C-Bitrix.

2) Information support - the updating, addition, deletion of information materials on the site.

3) Service support of the site - the study of user’s needs of the site, the correct operation of the site's service.

The cost of site support is determined individually and depends on the amount of work on your resource.

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