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Website promotion. Website Optimization

Website promotion (website promotion, search engine optimization, SEO) is a set of works aimed at increasing the number of visitors to your site that come from search engines. Promotion of the site repeatedly surpasses such types of advertising as print, television or advertising on the radio, as it provides the most accurate hit in the target audience.

Promotion of the site is the second step after the creation of the site in order to increase sales in the Internet.

Search engine promotion of the site is a process that requires a lot of time both for the promotion of the site (website promotion, search engine optimization, internal SEO optimization of the site, external SEO optimization of the site) and the result itself. The result of the promotion of the site depends on time when the robot indexes your site, and sometimes you need to wait from one to three weeks, before you would see the first results. In most cases, to get to the top places of popular search engines, it is necessary to make correct internal optimization of the site for better ranking by search engines. The entire process of promotion of the site can take from three to six months.

When developing the site, we conduct only internal optimization of the site.

Internal SEO optimization of a site is an obligatory complex of measures directed on improvement of indexation of a site, and also visibility of its pages in search systems.

What is included in the internal optimization of the site?

1) Correct optimization of the text (articles) and the structure of HTML code pages, compilation of a readable meta tag title.

2) Checking the operation of hosting.

3) Internal linking of the pages of the site, this is necessary to increase the weight of the pages.

4) Optimization of the design of the site for various browsers. Exception: obsolete versions of browsers.

5) Editing the robots.txt file *. Search and delete duplicate pages of the site.

6) Internal optimization of images, keywords.

7) Optimization of pages of the site for several search queries.

8) Drawing up a site map and much more.

If after conducting an internal SEO optimization (internal site promotion), your site has not reached the TOP positions, then in this situation you need external SEO optimization of the site (external website promotion).

Prices for external and internal SEO optimization of the site.

The cost of external and internal promotion of any site is calculated individually and depends on the following factors:

1) The number of pages of the site;

2) Competition for keywords;

3) Well-formed textual information with keywords;

4) The state of your website in design;

5) Site structures (layout and programming);

6) Countries for promotion (Belarus, Russia).

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