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Creating a web service. Development of web services

Web service is a large-scale web project, with a complex, multifunctional and multilevel structure, navigation and a complex hierarchy, which includes hundreds of sections. A large Internet portal with a large amount of information was originally intended for a huge number of visitors, so it must withstand enormous loads, and have a high page load speed. Creating a web service is a time-consuming process that requires an individual approach to the client.

The time and complexity of developing a web service is quite large, the client will have to pay much attention and time to communicate with the developer. Therefore, it is very important that you initially, before the development of the web service, have well thought out the functional, goals and tasks that your Internet portal will decide in the future. Each web service is developed individually for specific tasks of the company and can be used by both site visitors and employees of the company.

The execution time and cost of the portal depend on the complexity and functionality of the site. Therefore, the creation of a web service can take from several months to a year, only one testing and debugging of the project can take up to 30% of the entire web service development time. All this is reflected both in the cost of creating an Internet portal, and on the timing of its development.

The exact amount for the creation of a web service can be obtained only after a detailed technical assignment is drawn up.

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