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Treatment and removal of viruses and malicious code from the site

Currently, the security of the site plays an important role in its work. Occurrence of extraneous activity on a site by means of viruses can have negative impact on work of a site and your reputation.

What are the consequences of the failure of the site with malicious code:

1) Your site may be unavailable for a long time.

2) Incorrect display of information on the site.

3) Selected site pages may not be available.

4) Your site may refer to other sources, which will adversely affect its promotion in the search engines.

5) Traffic leakage. You lose potential customers and income.

6) Site blocking by search engines, browsers. Your web-resource falls into the ban or the black list of search engines.

7) Login to the site for users can be blocked.

8) Remove the entire site without the possibility of its subsequent recovery.

9) Threat of infection of parallel sites on the hosting.

10) Personal details of customers who use the online store are at risk.

11) Spamming.

12) This list is not complete.

Recently, cases of infection of sites on freeware CMS (Joomla, WordPress, etc.) have become more frequent.

Unfortunately, the removal of the virus from the site and its treatment from malicious code on a free CMS does not give a full guarantee that tomorrow you will not again be hacked. As a result, you will have to apply again to the programmer with a repeated request; remove the virus from the site, and this again leads to unplanned costs.

We offer help in removing malicious code from the site, the virus on the site, but we cannot give a 100% guarantee that it will not be hacked again if your site is designed on a free CMS. The reason for hacking free CMS are multiple shortcomings in the structure itself, which can be compared to a colander. Example: when deleting malicious code from one hole and then closing the vulnerability, there is always another for injection and infection.

In such situations we always offer customers to redesign the site on a commercial platform, in our case it's 1C -Bitrix. When you move a site to 1C- Bitrix, we can confidently guarantee the security of the web-resource. We adhere to the principle: it is better to do qualitatively once than to redo it a hundred times! After all, every alteration and treatment of the site is an additional waste of money and loss of potential customers. We wish all do not get sick!

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