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For today the most popular web resource is a catalogue-site (site-directory), or an Internet catalogue. It is a photo gallery of goods and services that the company provides.

The website-catalogue contains detailed information, both about the company itself, and the list of its products and services. The user of the site receives detailed information, which is necessary to purchase the product in the future. Very often people confuse a catalogue-website with an online store, however, these web resources have enormous differences:

1) The Internet catalogue or site-directory does not need a user registration.

2) In the catalogue-site there is no functionality to purchase goods by simply clicking on the basket.

3) The user of the site can order a callback; this functionality is often used in the catalogue-site for more detailed information about the product or service of the site owner.

The catalogue-website of goods is the most convenient way to develop and support different types of trade.

Thanks to the site-directory you can promote certain types of services and goods.

Master Site approaches with professionalism the creation of sites, that’s why we develop catalogue-sites on 1C-Bitrix, the most popular commercial platform, which has proved itself well both in Belarus and in Russia. Ultimately you have high-quality and attractive for search engines website-directory for CMS 1C-Bitrix; a convenient administrative control panel in which you do not need programming knowledge; guaranteed security against virus attacks and spam; and, importantly, the growth in sales of your company will increase. Because the main purpose of creating a catalogue-site on the platform 1C-Bitrix is to help the user of the site determine the choice of service, or purchase of goods. If necessary, we will always tell you how to present your product or service on the catalogue- site to attract potential customers. The cost of the catalogue - site on 1C-Bitrix is 1000 $.

The given cost of the site-catalogue on 1C-Bitrix includes:

1) Site management system (CMS) 1C-Bitrix (we choose it ourselves).

2) Individual, adaptive site design for 1C-Bitrix.

3) The site's layout.

4) The component of the catalogue.

5) Application form.

6) The module "call-back".

7) Slideshow.

8) Social networks.

9) The counter of attendance.

10) Driving direction.

11) Performance in different versions of browsers.

12) Hosting for 1 year for Free.

13) Help, training and advices on working with the site.

14) Warranty 3 years.

You can always review the functionality of the site and add or change it according to the requirements of your company.

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